Saturday, May 1, 2010

Warner Brothers

Top two reasons why I never have time to do art for myself or this blog anymore:
Young Justice, the series I'm currently producing.

Batman: Under The Red Hood, the movie I directed last year.


  1. Can you please name any villains appearing on Young Justice?

  2. I am fantastically excited for both of these.

  3. I wish I could spill some info about YJ but I can't just yet. We're trying to create some surprises in the show for the audience. I'd hate to blow any of those surprises by revealing too much at this point. I know the lack of info about the show is frustrating but hang in there.

  4. I think you should do a batman beyond movie i mean the return of the joker was ok but it didnt have enough action i wanted a huge battle with joker at the end but it was lame. With the red hood coming out which looks awesome i think you could make a great beyond movie.

  5. Got a advance copy of Under The Red Hood... Wow it's dark! I loved it. Especially the fight between Batman and Red Hood in the toilet! And the final line of dialogue really affected me. DCU films kist keep getting better!

  6. Saw the WB sneak peek of Young Justice and I must say that it's looking really good.

  7. Hi Brandon! Just wanted to tell you how much I loved Red Hood! My friend and I were blown away! We loved how dramatic and intense it was, especially the moment where Alfred dropped the tray! Just amazing! It was nice to meet you at SDCC and thanks for stopping to chat after the Brave and Bold panel and for accepting my sketchbook. I can't wait to see Young Justice! Keep up the good work!

  8. Hey Brandon,

    Bought Red Hood yesterday. Watched it 3 times in a row. now this morning its on while I write this.

    Please make more Batman flicks. darker and awesome like this one.

    Cool blog. :)

  9. Looking forward to watching Red Hood tonight.
    Everyone I know that has seen it really digs it.
    Young Justice looks great.
    Congrats, Brandon!

  10. Brandon,

    I love seeing your name as the director on this. Getting ready to watch it. Clearly, it was well received by critics. You have a lot to be proud of.


  11. Hey, everybody! Thanks for the kind comments here! Much appreciated! I'm glad you're liking the work we all do here at WB and your words just inspire me to work harder. All I've ever wanted to do with my career is craft stories that people will enjoy watching. I'm glad I'm hitting that mark for a lot of you.

    I'm often too busy with Young Justice to even monitor this blog let alone post new stuff on it. But I'll try to visit here more often. Now that YJ is fully announced, I might even be able to answer a question or two about the show.


  12. I just finished watching Batman: Under The Red Hood and it blew me away!

    I kept my eyes glued on the screen again so I won't miss seeing the name of the man responsible for directing this masterpiece and now here I am. Wow. Thanks.

    Well, I'm off to see it again!

  13. Just wanted to say what everyone was thinking....this is one of the best batman flims i have seen, live action or animated. Absolutly perfect. You should probably hurry up an make a new one.

    If you are thinking about it please let us know.

  14. Jhomar and Anonymous: Wow! Thanks for the nice comments! Glad you liked the movie!

    I hope you guys will check out the Young Justice series I'm producing. It has a lot of the same realistic sensibilities as the Red Hood movie so I think you'll enjoy it.