Saturday, February 27, 2010

Back Issues

Been busy. But busy is good when you love your job. For the past couple years I've been working 10-14 hours a day, directing/developing/producing 2-3 projects at a time, and often working 6 days a week. Thought I'd dust off this blog with some oldies since I have no new personal art and I can't post any of my current WB work.

Phantom Girl. 2007. TM and © DC Comics.

Mazinkaiser. 2006. TM and © Go Nagai and Dynamic Planning Inc.

Spider-man. 2006. TM and © Marvel Comics.

Rex Steele. 2004. TM and © Bill Presing and Matt Peters.

Conan and Red Sonja. 2002. TM and © Marvel Comics.



    a blast from the past dropping in to say HI again. found your new blog address and have changed the link set up on my blog. really enjoying the new stuff and it's nice to see some of the old favorites again. i really like that conan/sonja one. great screaming conan head and sonja trying to work the bow and arrow over her comic sized boobs is hilarious!

    your posting is few and far between but understandable seeing as how your job is all amazing and stuff. haha!

    see ya round on the internet!


  2. Thanks for dropping by, Jay! Good to hear from an old Kubert School friend! I don't participate in the blog world much anymore but I do visit your site when I get the chance. I always love the high level of fun you inject into all of your work!

  3. I'm really enjoying the Young Justice show and I think it's a great concept and I like where it's going. Dude, you are so lucky, what you're doing is literally my dream job! Keep up the good work!