Saturday, February 27, 2010

Back Issues

Been busy. But busy is good when you love your job. For the past couple years I've been working 10-14 hours a day, directing/developing/producing 2-3 projects at a time, and often working 6 days a week. Thought I'd dust off this blog with some oldies since I have no new personal art and I can't post any of my current WB work.

Phantom Girl. 2007. TM and © DC Comics.

Mazinkaiser. 2006. TM and © Go Nagai and Dynamic Planning Inc.

Spider-man. 2006. TM and © Marvel Comics.

Rex Steele. 2004. TM and © Bill Presing and Matt Peters.

Conan and Red Sonja. 2002. TM and © Marvel Comics.