Sunday, September 16, 2012


I have joined the world of Twitter. I opened an account for the sole reason of following news sources that interest me. I plan on posting news, information, thoughts and photos from the subjects that most inspire me: filmmaking, toys and science. In one way or another, these subjects influence every decision I make for my job in animation (directing storyboards, art direction, writing, etc.).

I invite you all to follow me on Twitter. This blog has been hard for me to keep up with because of the time it takes for me to compose an entry and how little time I have during the day. I'm hoping Twitter will be a quicker and easier format for me to share information that's insightful to my work or relevant to my interests while also maybe enlightening you to something new. I still plan on updating this blog with work relevant entries whenever possible so check back here once in a while.


  1. Hi Brandon,

    I know that you are getting your emails flooded, and comments from every source possible about CN canceling Young Justice.

    I'd like to know is it gone for good? Can it be moved to another network? Please let me know via twitter, FB or if at all possible you can tweet me:

  2. The fans of this show are not going allow this show to be canned! (Young Justice) Is their anyway we can help you? There is already a petition to save the show. I also wonder if their are other possibilities of airing this show? Maybe trying another network or just releasing them on DVD only. We don't want this show to end. Period.

  3. Hey Brandon! It's me, "Bananaramatube" from Youtube. You did great work on the show and I feel for everybody's loss of Young Justice. If it makes you and everybody else feel better, here's 19 episode names I've come up with for Young Justice for those who miss the show greatly. I'll let you people come up with whatever plots (crossover or not) that you wish to see happen!

    47 Nantucket Sleighride

    48 The Cat Grant Affair

    49 The Flight of Progress

    50 Batman's Burger's

    51 The Snowman

    52 Suburban Heartbeat

    53 To Tell The Truth

    54 Casino Moloch

    55 What Were You Doing In Dakota City When the Lights Went Off?

    56 Behind the Puck

    57 Fighting Street

    58 Showdown of the Superstars

    59 ...Or Forever Hold Their Peace

    60 The Supermodel

    61 And Now the Weather

    62 Gordon Gate

    63 Firecracker

    64 Stalling For Time

    65 The Ultimate Battle

  4. "Maybe trying another network"

    The CW is the only other network that Time Warner owns (or in this case, have a stake in) that would carry a show like Young Justice, and even then I wouldn't hold my breath on it.

    "or just releasing them on DVD only."

    Considering that all the DC cartoon movies of Bruce Timm's continuity were released when at least one of Timm's shows were still on the air, not to mention the CW Batman movie released while the CW version was still making new episodes, well I'd say, pretty low odds that you'll see a Young Justice movie without anymore first one episodes playing.

    Unfortunately, the only way I see Young Justice (and the Green Lantern show for that matter) coming back is if they toned down the show for Cartoon Network, because if you ask me, I'd say the show was canned because the powers that be within the Time Warner hierarchy don't like the dark and mature content of the show and not because of a failed toyline that was hardly advertised in the first place, if at all.

    Once again, Japanese parents are a million steps ahead in the parenting department over the Americans.

  5. Hi Brandon. I'm trying to find a contact email to get in touch with you about a possible Young Justice panel at this year's Comikaze in Los Angeles. Can you contact me at tiara.rea AT gmail so I can give you some details? I and thousands of other fans would love to see this happen. Appreciate your time!

  6. hi i just wanted to say i love all your work batman red hood was so sad!! and young justice NEEDS a third season ok thank you

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