Monday, November 15, 2010

Production Update

Here's a post for any scholarly individuals out there who might be interested in seeing a snapshot of our current production progress for educational purposes. I won't list all the episodes here but I'll list enough of them to give you a sense of our work flow. Reading down the list between episode 26 and episode 1 will give you an idea of how a story originates and is brought to life just to bring you something cool to watch for 30 minutes.

Episode 26: Story beats have been worked out and finalized- hand written on 3x5 cards and currently tacked up on a wall in Greg's office.

Episode 24: Story outline complete. Ready to go to script.

Episode 22: First draft of the script is complete.

Episode 21: Recording the voice actors Tuesday morning.

Episode 18, 19, 20: Currently being storyboarded.

Episode 16: Storyboards complete. Currently being noted, revised, and cut to the proper length.

Episode 14: Storyboards were shipped to Korea this week. Working on designs at WB.

Episode 11: Finishing up designs for backgrounds, characters, and props at WB.

Episode 10: Background paint is in progress at WB. In Korea, key animation has been completed on 153 scenes.

Episode 7: Ink & paint on models is in progress at WB. Animation layout has begun in Korea.

Episode 6: Key animation has been completed, inbetweens are in progress, and 110 scenes are in the process of being colored.

Episode 5: Arrived from Korea last week and is now being edited. Beautifully animated by MOI!

Episode 3: Edited and locked for time. Awaiting retakes from Korea. Met with composers (DMP) Monday morning to discuss music for the episode.

Episode 1 and 2: Completed last week! Done! Ready to hit the air! Here's a picture of the final DVD sitting on my desk at work.


  1. Thanks for posting a production update, Mr. Vietti! Looking forward to the 26th along with all the other fans.

  2. wow this is really interesting! Keep up the great work and continue updating us!

  3. Wow! Great insight into the production process. Thank you so much for posting. I was wondering who the other animation studios are aside from Moi Animation?

    Only 9 days left until the premiere!

  4. When I saw the words "Beautifully animated by MOI!", I thought you were using the French word for "me". But I came to the comments section, and I discovered that the reference is to an animation house. I've never heard of this studio before-is it fairly new?

  5. MOI has animated spec spidey, many of the dc movies (and shorts), batman brave and the bold and some avatar episodes. If the episode looks very on model and has consistent anatomy proportions, its most likely MOI animating.

  6. Here's a list of projects Moi worked on

  7. EPISODE 11
    and most importantly..
    when s it coming out? :(