Monday, August 15, 2011


Many congratulations to Mr. Phil Bourassa for winning a Primetime Emmy Award for his outstanding work as lead character designer on Young Justice!

There's just no way the stories we're trying to tell on Young Justice would work without the sophistication and subtlety of Phil's style. Maybe I'm a little partial, but I think Phil has raised the bar for design in action/adventure animation in the US. We're all lucky to have him working to bring the DC Universe to life in new and exciting ways every day.

Congratulations, Phil! Your award is well deserved!


Phil received his gold statue recently at the Primetime Emmy Award ceremony and today (September 15th, 2011) WB placed a half page in Variety to congratulate Phil. So once again, congrats, buddy!

Interesting note: Much of the art on the Variety page is Phil's early design work for our series. Pick up a copy of today's Variety for a closer look at our early development art!


  1. Very cool and most deserving. The designs are great!!!

  2. Way to go Phil!!! Like David said, most deserving!

  3. Congratulations on your Emmy! I must admit, this particular design of the teen heroes is what attracted me to the series.

  4. question what program do you use for your characters designs

  5. hello, please what number/week/month/year/ of variety is??